ashamed, mortified, chagrined mean acutely or manifestly conscious of embarrassment and humiliation.
One is ashamed whose embarrassment and humiliation are mixed sometimes with a sense of guilt and always with the awareness of being discredited or disgraced by one’s own or vicariously another’s shameful or indecorous act, behavior, or situation

he sees he has nothing to be ashamed of in you—rather everything to be proud oiMeredith


suddenly Joe began to cry. He was ashamed and did not want his wife to see— Anderson

One is also ashamed who by anticipating such feelings is reluctant or unwilling to do something that seems shameful

what shall I do? for my lord taketh away from me the stewardship: I cannot dig; to beg I am ashamedLk 16:3

One is mortified whose embarrassment and humiliation are mixed with a strong sense of being put in a false or disagreeable light and who suffers more because of loss of esteem or a hurt to his own pride than because of the shameful or indecorous character of the act, behavior, or situation; thus, one might say that the boy was not ashamed of his conduct (because he did not consider it wrong) but he was mortified when he was suspended from the team (because others viewed his conduct in a light that resulted in injury to his pride and position)

“Don’t spare him; let the university expel him! . . . Let Robert be ashamed, if you would save his soul alive! ” . . . Robert was sullen and mortified, but, alas, not ashamed— Deland

One is chagrined whose embarrassment and humiliation are accompanied by vexation or annoyance

Tony, somewhat chagrined at his mistake, said he should like to see the other pictures— Archibald Marshall


I was as much chagrined as they were flabbergasted by this involuntary outbreak— L. P. Smith

Analogous words: embarrassed, discomfited, abashed (see EMBARRASS): humiliated, humbled, abased (see ABASE): abject, *mean: contrite, penitent, repentant (see corresponding nouns at PENITENCE)
Antonyms: proud
Contrasted words: vain, vainglorious (see under PRIDE n): arrogant, overbearing (see PROUD)

New Dictionary of Synonyms. 2014.


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